Treatment with anticellulite mud combined with massage

Mud treatment and massage - legs, arms, abdomen, back (1 hour)

Price: 60 euro

The anti-cellulite mud improves circulation and microcirculation, it reduces water retention and cellulite and gives a smooth, soft and purified skin. It favors the elimination of toxins and induce a positive influence on the central nervous system, the immune and hormonal. Our treatment begins with a brief, warming and relaxing massage. Then, the mud is applied on the skin, which is then covered with a special plastic sheet which increases the beneficial effects of the mud. While the mud performs its function purifying the body, we perform, with thai techniques, a relaxing massage on feet, neck, face and head.

Face treatments

Cleaning + face massage (30 minutes)

Price: 35 euro

Face Cleaning + scrub + face massage + face mask (60 minutes)

Price: 55 euro